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Torrent Details For "Blinky Bill the Movie - Billy il Koala (2015) [DVD9 - Ita Ac3-Dts 5 1 Eng Ac3 5 1 - I..."

Blinky Bill the Movie - Billy il Koala (2015) [DVD9 - Ita Ac3-Dts 5 1 Eng Ac3 5 1 - I...

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Name:Blinky Bill the Movie - Billy il Koala (2015) [DVD9 - Ita Ac3-Dts 5 1 Eng Ac3 5 1 - I...

Blinky Bill The Movie - Billy il Koala

Thx to the Original Uploader


Original Title: Blinky Bill the Movie
Country: Australia
Year: 2015
Genres: Animation, Adventure
Director: Deane Taylor
Screenplay: Fin Edquist
Music by: Dale Cornelius
Production: Studiocanal, Studio 100, Screen Australia
Distribution: Microcinema (Italy)


In the town of Greenpatch in Australia, Blinky Bill (Ryan Kwanten) tells the story about his father, Bill Koala (Richard Roxburgh), an explorer. He and his wife Betty Koala (Deborah Mailman) say goodbye and Blinky's dad travels to the Sea of White Dragons. He tells Blinky to look after to his mum and that he'll be back soon.Then Blinky and his friends Splodge (Cam Ralph), Robert (Cam Ralph), and Marcia (Charlotte Rose Hamlyn) see Mayor Wilberforce Cranklepot the Goanna (Barry Otto). Betty warns Blinky not to get worried about Cranklepot and to behave.
They go to a meeting, where Cranklepot tells what he found at Greenpatch, warns that he is going to become the new king and rename Greenpatch to "Goannasburg", but Blinky sneaks away and sabotages the meeting using fruit bombs, in the process destroying a statue of Cranklepot, causing to Cranklepot chase Blinky who heads to the big rainforest. Blinky sees a mark that his dad had left, but Cranklepot grabs him and drags him back to Blinky's house to Betty. Cranklepot warns Blinky he'll will be sealing up Greenpatch from the outside world and he will turn their tree into his castle,
saying they should start packing, that when he comes back they better have moved out. Betty scolds Blinky, but Blinky argues with her, saying they should go save his father as Cranky will seal off the valley and they will be trapped, but Betty tells Blinky that his father's not in the desert and that she wanted to go. Blinky is very upset with his mother he yells at her that he'll never see him again, that his father never gives up, running back to his room. Betty knocks
on the door, and tells him to give himself a message from her, but Blinky doesn't listen to his mother.

General Info

Compression: No
Movie Quality: DVD9
Size: 5847 Mb
Languages: Italian Ac3 5.1/Dts 5.1, English Ac3 5.1
Subtitles: Italiano
Runtime: 87 min.
Menu: Yes


YouTube Video:
Language:Italian  Italian
Total Size:5.58 GB
Info Hash:204ECBF7458C8C6E539FDE553D9968C015EF08C7
Added By:JackieALF Verified UploaderMovie Pirate
Date Added:18-06-2017 16:51:24
Torrent Status:Torrent Verified

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